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Prolotherapy: What is it?

Prolotherapy is the process of stimulating natural healing to ligaments, tendons, joints and muscles to restore them to natural function and banish your pain. It involves a series of injections to trigger your body to make its own natural strength fibers, called collagen, and return you to a pain free, younger and more active YOU!

Prolotherapy: Can I avoid surgery?

Prolotherapy is a powerful method to get rid of pain and increase your flexibility, strength and function. When properly administered, these injections to joints such as the back, knee, hips, and shoulders can allow you to return to normal activities without the need for surgery.

Prolotherapy: What pain will it help?

Prolotherapy can be used to stabilize the entire back and spine and return it to more normal function. Prolotherapy can help shoulder pain and injuries, knee pain, hip pain, ankle pain, wrist pain. If a joint, ligament, tendon or muscle is involved, Prolotherapy can be the key to a natural return to remove your pain and return to normal function.

Prolotherapy: Are there different types?

Prolotherapy can be administered to superficial areas of pain as well as to deeper structures. There are also differences in technique: one injection to access multiple regions as opposed to large numbers of needles in rapid succession. As developed by one of the fathers of Prolotherapy, Dr. Ongley, and practiced extensively by Dr. Thomas Dorman, a minimal number of injections to deeper ligaments after appropriate realignment of joint structures is found most effective to give you long term relief of chronic pain and improve your overall function.

Prolotherapy: Is it painful?

Prolotherapy does not have to cause severe pain. Fewer needles are used and mild sedation can be offered to you to help you with the discomfort of the procedure. Since inflammation is key to healing, there will be some discomfort initially, but this will improve with the series as your body heals itself naturally. In most cases, you can return to normal activities very quickly after an injection.


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